Male potency stimulants

What are male potency stimulants for

Many men are looking for a powerful potency stimulant to restore a healthy sex life. Often in these searches, people fall prey to charlatans selling dietary supplements and other pacifiers at exorbitant prices.

In this article, we will tell you which remedies will really help improve potency. Here is a list of foods that, if included in the diet, a man can forget about expensive medicines.

General principles

To understand how to choose the best stimulants, you need to know exactly how they should work. It will be possible to return a good level of potency by achieving the following effects:

  • Improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic area;
  • Relaxation of the muscles in this area;
  • Good nutrition of the tissues of the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • Suppression of the inflammatory process in the male organs.

This effect can be achieved using natural or synthetic stimulants. Natural remedies can include medications and dietary supplements, as well as regular food. What is right for you - you need to decide by talking with the doctor and finding out the reason for the weak potency.


In the twentieth century, a large number of drugs were invented that act on potency. It will not be possible to name the best stimulant - it depends on what exactly the man's problem is.

Sildenafil and its generics

Sildenafil is the active ingredient of the famous drug for potency. A large number of tablets have been developed on its basis. After the invention of the drug, pharmacists obtained other substances with similar effects. Preparations based on them are called generics. It will not work to make a rating of these funds - many work better or worse, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Such drugs begin to work within half an hour or an hour after administration. The duration of action is from six hours to a day, or even more. Such stimulants work only if the male brain receives signals for sexual arousal. In this situation, the dilated vessels of the small pelvis accept blood more easily and retain it longer. The erection comes on faster and remains more stable.

Side Effects

medicinal potency stimulants in men

These stimulants also have side effects. They consist in a bad effect on the level of blood pressure. If taken regularly, it can lead to heart problems. It is best not to take stimulants if a man has had a heart attack or stroke.

It is strictly forbidden to use drugs to stimulate potency together with nitrates, due to the risk of a strong decrease in blood pressure. Absolute contraindications also include a tendency to a sufficiently long erection.

Healthy men who do not have problems with potency do not need such stimulants. Nevertheless, young guys out of interest often try the popular drug and its analogues. You do not need to do this - even if you feel more powerful in bed, but then it will be difficult to achieve such an effect without the drug. And this is the first step towards the emergence of psychological dependence.

Artificial testosterone

What are the reasons for taking synthetic hormones? The main one is age-related changes. By the age of fifty, the natural production of testosterone decreases, and the "male menopause" sets in. Potency can be greatly reduced. Other causes of endocrinological problems are bad habits, excess weight, chronic diseases. Often the best thing a man can do in this situation is to start taking testosterone pills.

Unfortunately, hormonal stimulants are rarely without side effects. The additional testosterone causes dermatological problems in the form of acne, increased blood clotting levels. In addition, this stimulant affects the psychological state in different ways. A man can become more irritable, even aggressive, unpredictable in behavior.

possible side effects of potency stimulants

Another dangerous point is the body's response. Sensing an excess of the natural stimulant, testosterone, the body begins to produce estrogen. The man becomes whiny, sometimes even gynecomastia is observed.

In addition, after a testosterone cycle, it will be more difficult to restore the production of your own male hormone.

Dietary supplements

These drugs are not, in fact, a drug. They can also be called stimulants only at a stretch. They are often brought from China, and they do not even undergo elementary certification. At the same time, you can set any price and attribute miraculous properties to the dummy. Therefore, having made the decision to take dietary supplements, you need to be aware of the possibility of deception.

Even the best dietary supplements do not match the effect of a regular pill or, even more so, testosterone. Manufacturers and distributors claim that their product improves blood circulation, restores the production of male hormones, and so on. Is it true?

Dietary supplements can act as stimulants only if a man uses them as an aid. For example, I switched to proper nutrition, played sports, and at the same time takes ginseng-based supplements. But if you continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle and buy even the most expensive dietary supplements, the level of potency will not increase.

At best, the dietary supplement contains extracts of medicinal plants. Their action will be similar to any vitamin and mineral complex. Therefore, it is worth purchasing such funds only if they are not overpriced.


By changing your diet and giving up junk food, you can raise the level of potency without side effects. Natural foods, whether animal or plant origin, can spur the male body well. Here are some rankings of the best micronutrients and foods that act as stimulants.

what food products act as potency stimulants

Natural potency stimulants are:

  • Vitamins of group E.Improves blood circulation in the small pelvis. They tend to reduce the level of edema, which helps in the treatment of an inflamed prostate;
  • Vitamins of group C.Strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Thanks to this, blood circulates more actively through the male penis. They act not only as a potency stimulant, but also as the best means of preventing prostatitis;
  • Vitamins of group D.Solar energy is essential for the natural production of testosterone;
  • Vitamins of group B.They strengthen not only potency, but the entire body of a man. What is extremely important in maintaining good hormonal levels;
  • Zincis ​​not just a stimulant, but real "building blocks" of male hormones. Provides potency and good erection. According to any rating, it is the main "male" trace element. In a situation of zinc deficiency, prostatitis develops rapidly;
  • Selenium.Will bring blood circulation in the small pelvis to a good level. It will help not only to strengthen potency, but also to ensure health, activity of the seed cells.

In the diet

The following products can be described as powerful stimulants of male potency:

  • Lean meat.White chicken or tender tenderloin will work well. Animal protein is needed to activate the production of male hormones;
  • Greens, red peppers,other quality spices. No wonder they were hunted by rich people of past centuries;
  • Oysters, squids, mussels.Many women know that by preparing these seafood for dinner, you can see your chosen one in a new light;
  • Nuts.Essential fatty acids can be found in them. Here is a real treasure of the forest for a man;
  • Oranges, lemons, tangerines.Sometimes it is enough to eat one citrus a day to forget about expensive pills.

Which option is better: get natural stimulants from food or drink a ready-made vitamin and mineral complex? Of course, the second option is easier. But at the moment, the medical community agrees that in their natural form, trace elements are better absorbed by our body.

Folk stimulants

If you have prostatitis or other serious medical conditions, always consult your doctor before using alternative treatments. And most importantly - using such means, do not forget about the scientific approach to treatment. Modern potency stimulants work much better than poultices and tinctures of ancient village healers.

folk remedies to stimulate potency

The following folk recipes can be tried as stimulants:

  • Ginseng tincture for alcohol,which is easy to buy in every pharmacy. Pour a tablespoon into a glass of water. We drink twice a day, preferably before meals. We repeat it every day for a month;
  • Dubrovnik.Grind so that you get 6 tbsp. l. , pour boiling water into 0. 5 liters and wait half an hour. We drink the tincture in a couple of sips, three times a day;
  • Pharmacy motherwort.Pour four teaspoons into 250 ml of boiling water, leave for eight hours. We drink one and a half glasses a day. The daily dose should be divided into three servings;
  • A hot wine with spices and fruits known as mulled wine.Good red wine itself has hematopoietic agents, and therefore is a potency stimulant. Of course, if they are not abused, dulling the work of the nervous system. An additional stimulating effect can be achieved by adding honey to mulled wine. By itself, the temperature of the drink will have a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the pelvic region.