How to increase male potency natural ways after 40 years?


A man at any age want to be strong, including in the sexual sphere. Weak erection and delayed ejaculation become a compelling reason for feelings.

The older a man is, the higher the risk of such troubles. Moreover, after the age of 40 years, exponentially increasing the chance of infertility and impotence.

As the experience of physicians, to improve and restore virility after 40 years thanks to a healthy lifestyle. The patient needs to be attentive to their health, not to neglect the simple guidelines.

When erectile dysfunction should not try to solve the problem, because the causes can be serious inflammatory diseases.

The reasons for the decline of potency after 40

Increased potency in men after 40 years is becoming a serious problem, since one only medicines will not help. Doctors to the treatment of poor potency approach a complex since the disease is accompanied by both physiological and psychological changes in the body.

Andrologists believe that the main reason for the decline in potency in adulthood is acute shortage of testosterone – the main male hormone. It is responsible for the normal functioning of the reproductive system, formation of germ cells, male libido.

In addition, after forty men starts andropause. This condition is something akin to female menopause, but benign. During this period, decreases potency, there is apathy, at times reduced sexual desire.

The causes of the disorders and problems with potency may be due to the stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. Because of insufficient blood circulation to the genitals not receiving the required amount of oxygen and blood. For a good erection in the member should consume at least 70 ml of blood, only under this condition, the penis becomes tough and elastic. By reducing the supply of blood to the penis unable to have sexual intercourse.

The most common causes of loss of potency after 40 years are:

  • addictions (cigarettes, alcohol);
  • low motor activity;
  • frequent stress;
  • poor nutrition.

Added to this is the physiological changes in the body and reproductive system. These include the deterioration of the elasticity of the tunica, loss properties of smooth muscle cells and their degradation. A pathological condition occurs on the background of ischemia of the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

To deteriorate potency can with urogenital diseases, for this reason, we cannot discard the different infectious processes.

Methods of increasing potency


As noted, the violation may occur due to pathologies, psychological or physical changes. Often after 40 years a man begins to fear of impotence, much worried about sexual function. Fear compounds the problem.

How to increase male potency natural ways after 40 years? Often make it possible without the use of drugs. An effective solution will be a lifestyle change. It is recommended to start to play sports, there are even special workouts for enhancing sexual potential.

You will need to abandon fast food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Exclude fried, smoked and salty. More should be steamed. You can simmer or boil food.

It's important to arrange a complete rest, to be outdoors. In sedentary work will be required every half hour to do a light workout for the body. Gymnastics prevent stagnation of blood.

These recommendations are simple but they do work, helps to increase the potency without medication.

You will need to include in the diet of a large number of products, contributing to the maintenance of the sexual sphere:

  1. goat's milk;
  2. greens (spinach, parsley, dill);
  3. honey;
  4. eggplant.

They contain a lot of zinc, which is responsible for the secretion of sexual hormones and new cells. In addition it does not hurt to resort to the secrets of traditional medicine. There are many proven recipes that restore virility.

Well to deal with the problem helps tincture of ginseng root. The tool gets the blood pumping, increases blood flow to the genitals. The plant is also a good aphrodisiac that increases libido.

Drugs for erection


How to improve the potency of men after 40? If the erection starts to decrease, men will start to practice fast techniques, use of stimulating pills. Most popular made on the basis of the active component sildenafil. Substance causes rapid excitation.

You need to understand that these workarounds are not always correct. Doctors recommend to begin a complete examination of the body, to determine the root cause of the violation. Only after that, begin to drink products.

Developed the mass medication of natural ingredients, they can be purchased in the pharmacy or on the Internet. The obvious advantage of such facilities is an affordable cost, the absence of chemical carcinogens.

Hurt taking naturopathic pills practically impossible. There are safe sprays, dietary supplements, capsules and other forms of medicines. The positive effect lasts for 4-5 hours after administration.

Any products not exclude the probability of occurrence of adverse reactions. Can occur:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • muscle weakness;
  • blurred vision.

Tablets are junk for serious diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver.

When the man confirmed the andropause, the doctor will prescribe hormone therapy. Testosterone injected intramuscularly or orally. The duration of treatment is 1 to 2 months. After the full course, there is improvement in potency, the man feels more confident.

In severe cases, when improvement is not observed, recommended that injections directly in the penis. But this treatment is not able to save the patient from the root cause of the pathological state.

Injections to the member to stimulate excitement only for a certain period of time. Need in addition to apply gels, creams for enhancing erection. As a component of complex therapy they work, but for independent use are not intended to affect the body significantly will not.

Doctors pay attention that synthetic medicines are suitable for men over 40, only if the violations are not associated with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Against other causes of dysfunction stimulant work a hundred percent.

Traditional methods


To help restore virility can and traditional methods, if you combine them with a competent medical treatment. Copes well with the problem remedy made from honey, ginger, berries, rose hips and thyme. Components pour boiling water, insist 5 hours. Ready means take a large spoon after each meal.

Another natural remedy that helps to cure reduced sexual potency is a gathering of ginseng, galangal, propolis, thyme or rennet. For quick effect of the plant consumed about an hour before the hollow of the act.

To raise the potency help the walnuts, they are mixed in equal proportions with natural honey, take a pair of small spoons twice a day. The result helps to strengthen the use of the mixture along with the milk.

An excellent tool, which is used at home, is a medicinal tincture of lungwort. The plant is boiled in proportion of a Cup of water for 10 g of raw material, take 3 times a day. You should drink pure aloe Vera juice, eat pumpkin seeds. Useful some types of nuts, namely:

  1. pistachios;
  2. peanuts;
  3. cedar nuts;
  4. the hazelnut.

Exists and is the original home method with ice. You will need to take half a kilogram of ice, crumble, wrapped in a piece of gauze and applied to different parts of the body, hold for 1 minute. First ice is applied to the base of the skull, then to the heart, end area of the testicles.

There is another recipe. Take a Cup of fennel seed, mix with a couple tablespoons of ground rhizomes of Valerian, two cups of pure honey. The mixture pour into a thermos, pour boiling water before to make the total volume 2 liters. Means insist night, drink a large spoon for half an hour before meals.


  • cover with cold water the young pine cones and branches;
  • bring to a boil;
  • to insist 12 hours in a closed container.

The prepared extract is a red brown color. It is added to the bath, take bath for 15-20 minutes three times a week. If you want you can buy ready-made pine extract.

For the benefit of the use of alcohol tincture of ginseng, if taken 30 drops after meals.

Even to restore the riser to drink a tincture of lovage and chamomile pharmacy. Cook mixture, for example, from 100 g of yarrow, 50 g of calamus root, 50 g of fenugreek hay. A large tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, cool, strain, take a glass three times a day.



To increase the effect of medicines and folk methods to help special exercises for erectile dysfunction.

Carry out regular rotational motion of the pelvis in different directions. The hands hold at the waist, put their feet at shoulder level. The pelvis is raised and again lowered, the torso should be placed on the Mat, hands and feet rely to the floor and the knees bent.

Another effective exercise is the Bicycle. It is necessary to produce rotational motion of the feet, as is done during Cycling. The man needs to lie on the floor, hands placed along the body, turn your feet. You can raise your knees to shoulder level. Do this in two ways: front, hands resting on your waist, or side, directing the feet to the temples are allowed to help hands.

The positive impact of exercise boat. Lie on the belly, while inhaling raise the hands and stretch forward. Legs pulled back in the opposite direction. On the exhale, legs and arms lowered back. During exercise, the glutes tense up.

The final exercise is the squat. Put their feet wider than shoulder width, arms bent at the elbows. On the inhale, squat, strain buttock muscles. On the exhale, relax, return to starting position.