Increased potency in men after 60: tips and tricks

Age-related changes in the male body affect not only the physical condition. Many begin to experience other difficulties at a young age just didn't notice – so the majority notes that the potency of 60 years in men begins to decline. Now on pharmacy shelves and in the Arsenal of folk medicine, allowing to fight this disease constructively.

Why it is so important to every man to start taking care of your health, including youth.

potency after 60

Older age and potency

Reduced potency associated with the gradual and natural reduction in the levels of the hormone testosterone, which is produced not in the quantities that young. This ingredient directly affects a man's ability to have an erection.

Testosterone deficiency in the blood causes of erectile dysfunction. Studies have proven that the concentration of the hormone depends on what kind of life leads a man.

If healthy and active, then he has all the prerequisites to keep your sexual health okay, and in old age. If he was for life not only in sports, but also robbed his body of strength to protect from drinking and Smoking, problems with potency after 60 years is inevitable.

Causes leading to sexual dysfunction

Let us consider the reasons that may cause impotence. Experts divide them into two broad classes: internal and external.

The internal causes of the reduced potency

Occur due to chronic and other ailments:

  • The lack of testosterone, about which we already spoke.As a result of lower levels of the hormone that is responsible for an erection are disrupted not only this function but also reduced attraction to the opposite sex and problems with ejaculation.
  • Age-related loss of vessels, their elasticity, leading to their narrowing. As a consequence of disturbed blood circulation, including in the penis. As a result of bad revolving and occurs erectile dysfunction.
  • Cardiovascular disease. Cardiac muscle is also aging and pumping blood is not as fast as before. Violation of the General circulation affects the state of the penis.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system of various etiologies.
  • Chronic diseases that tend to aggravate.

External factors of deterioration of potency

Usually do not depend on the person, and are a consequence of his lifestyle:

  • Professional activities of men. If the patient due to the nature of work have led a sedentary lifestyle most likely was disrupted blood supply of the pelvis that affected the reproductive system.
  • Obesity. Amid the changing hormonal background there is a disorder of lipid metabolism that leads to accumulation of excess of body weight.
  • Increasing irritability that occurs as a result of the constant stress in the family and at work, emotional and intellectual overload. It is worth remembering that over time, the perception of the world begins to change. And the fact that the youth was irritated and made life uncomfortable, can be seen loyal. Natural and reverse reactions.
  • The weakening of bone and skeletal muscle, which inevitably occurs with age. That is why so important to maintain regular physical activity throughout life.

Whatever the causes of erectile dysfunction it is important to know that in 60 years it can be restored, if the time to go to the doctor for advice and diagnosis.


proper nutrition

If the patient monitors own health and is held annually preventive examinations, and advice to him will be rendered in time and no additional therapy is not required.

Failure to comply with the preventive regime and a late application you will need to pass a number of tests.

First, examine the condition of the hematopoietic system, which is interconnected with the qualitative indicators of potency. To determine the number of white blood cells.

If it is in the normal range, then you should not be afraid of diseases of the genital organs. If exceeds – assigned more in-depth examination.

Such a tool is ultrasound of the urogenital system, which allows to detect inflammatory and other negative processes.

Another form of diagnosis is semen analysis which shows the number of sperm in the seminal fluid. Any deviation is a signal for the doctor to select the appropriate treatment regimen.

To determine the bacterial microflora take a swab from the urethra.

If the patient has a chronic disease, in the diagnosis takes into account their medical history, indicators of urine test for the presence/absence of leukocyturia and data treatment.

Signs of impotence

There are signs that should alert man in advance:

  • to achieve an erection requires more time and effort than usual;
  • the phallus loses its elasticity and does not reach its previous size;
  • orgasm brings pleasure;
  • after ejaculation the erection subsides faster than before;
  • sexual acts between a man need more time to recover;
  • the skin on the scrotum becomes loose and the testes lose their elasticity.

How to improve the potency 60

To help men after sixty feel it again, to the aid can come as modern medicines and traditional medicines.


Of the total number of medications are the most effective inhibitors series PDE-5. Their composition allows to significantly restore and improve erection due to the accumulation of chemicals that are favorable to the retention of the phallus in a state of excitement and reaching orgasm.

All inhibitors of some PDE-5 is contraindicated in patients with heart failure who use drugs that include nitroglycerin. They also can cause men dizziness, headache, rush of blood to the skin and other side effects.

Kegel Exercises

In old age it is very important to maintain good physical shape. Classes should not be strong, and their duration is on average about half an hour.

It is better to choose the load for everyone. Someone quite walking distance, but not necessarily every day and in any weather. Some prefer swimming or Cycling. Great if sixty-year-old man visits the gym.

Accessible to all are exercises developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel to restore the elasticity of pelvic muscles and circulation of blood circulation in it.

Exercises can be done in any situation and discreetly. The most important thing is to learn how simultaneously to compress and decompress the muscles of the urethra and the anus. We need to hold them pressed together for a few seconds, then relax.

To achieve the effect of the complex must be repeated eight times, each approach shall not be less than 10 seconds. In order to do these exercises correctly, we have to remember what muscles to strain during urination, and then move on to training.

It should be noted that not all the exercises will work the first time. But this should not be a barrier to its implementation.

Traditional medicines

Unfortunately, most of traditional medicine is shrouded in legend, untrue.

So, for a long time it was believed that powdered Rhino horn are very effective in the treatment of impotence. This was the reason for mass extermination of innocent animals, and the effect of this tool was not confirmed until now.

The best of traditional medicine and safe for all participants in the process are natural aphrodisiacs – champagne and oysters.

A glass of French sparkling not only improves mood, but also blood flow. Oysters contain lots of zinc, which is directly involved in the production of testosterone.


Each of the described means to improve the potency can have its contraindications. So, before you start to use any of these, you should consult with your doctor.